The Final Countdown

Hi Friends!

It’s been forever I feel!

Well, I have been finishing up my college career in the meantime. I have been feeling all sorts of emotions; excitement, fear, anxiety, and not mention, I have been having panic attacks about where I am going to live, and what I am going to do. #thankscollege  But, as my four years of college slowly dwindle  down into my final 3 weeks I want YOUR HELP!!! I want to make a final bucket list of all the hidden gems/ last horrahs I can do before I go into the REAL WORLD to keep me preoccupied before my graduation tears start running. 

I love adventures and trying new things, so please think back to when you were in college and tell me what made your years special!

 But let’s make this fun… Because leaving college is kind of a bummer… If you comment with good/kind ideas I will take a picture and post the TOP 3 on the blog after my graduation! Feel free to be wild, I only have 3 weeks left! What do I have to lose?


But, please be nice!



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