A simple book review.

Whoever Tells the Best Story Wins: How to Use your Own Stories To Communicate with Power and Impact by: Annette Simmons

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Business classes, teachers and parents have all preached about how clear, logical stories are best communicated. If the story is brief, even better! However, we can’t forget how some of the best storytellers are those that inspire, motivate and persuade an audience through a realistic anecdote or some type of “human element”.

Here are a few tips the author, Annette Simmons recommends for having a “Winning” story:

  1.      Think in Story – Or in other words, try and train your brain to make your stories make people feel something!
  2.      Find Stories to Tell – This is your opportunity to be interesting! Don’t always tell people what they want to hear.
  3.     Perfect Your Craft – practice, practice, practice—then kill it!

This book is great for those wondering how to define their ideas and find clarity of thought. It outlines basic categories of stories and even allows you to write in your book! If anyone is searching for a book to read in maintain his or her communication skills, I definitely recommend this book.

Happy Reading!



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