Colin’s Daily Affirmation (When Alone on V-Day)

Hello World. Colin here. Happy Valentine’s Day to those who care. Although a snowstorm grounded my girlfriend 1500 miles from me, love is still in the air, and I’m keeping positive.

Now, please kindly play this video before (or as) you read the remainder of this piece for the full effect. Because everyone could benefit from some daily affirmation.



Look, I can be a shark! (Watch out, Mark Cuban.)

Now… my whole apartment is great! (After getting kicked out of the first.)

I can do anything good. (But I like to do hoodrat things with my friends.)

I like my job! (Because I like a challenge.)

I like anything. (But pickles and mustard.)

I like my dad. (I owe that Cubano everything.)

I like my cousins. (Super artsy, know how to partsty.)

I like my aunts. (Shout out to Gayle and Dré.)

I like my Allisons. (I only have one of those, and I love that girl.)

I like my mom! (Mama’s boy for life.)

I like my sisters! (All three of them, fairly equally.)

I like my dad! (Again, because he’s brilliant.)

I like my… AHHH?!?! (I party.)

I like my hair! (When I wash it.)

I like my haircuts! (I do them myself.)

I like my pajamas! (Because clothes are overrated.)

I like my stuff! (But who needs stuff?)

I like my room! (And view of the Marcy projects.)

I like my whole apartment! (That’s true, now. I ain’t movin’.)

My whole apartment is great. (Especially the rooftop.)

I can do anything good. (As long as it’s mental, not physical.)

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah. I can do anything good. (Try me.)

Better than anyone. (After a few beers.)

Better than anyone. (Try me.)


It may have taken a few months for me to get the hang of this city, but now it’s mine. I’m home, and this… right here… is livin’.


+ Colin


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